Shareholder Letter: Autumn 2017

Dear Fellow Shareholders,


How do you handle risk? Most of us need to take some risk in order to meet our goals and have the freedom to live the life we want. As I said on CNBC’s The Closing Bell this summer, avoiding all risk is actually a pretty risky strategy.

This issue of The Upgrader is focused on ways you can try to alleviate risk.

Balancing risk & return in your retirement account

Whether you’re currently retired or you’re planning to retire in the coming years, you probably need to own both stocks and bonds to try to grow your portfolio and control volatility along the way.

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Good governance may help mitigate risk

Corporate governance—the G in ESG (environmental, social and governance)—isn’t just for sustainable investors. Many portfolio managers use governance to try to identify quality businesses and mitigate risks.

Click here to find out how governance affects investors and how you can put good governance to work in your portfolio.

The risk of staying out of the market

Keeping your retirement account in cash may not feel risky, but you may have a higher risk of running out of money in retirement—even if you’ve accumulated a substantial nest egg.

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As an investor in the Upgrader Funds, you’ve got a team of portfolio managers, who are working to mitigate risk and capitalize on new opportunities in an effort to help you retire comfortably, reach your lifelong investment goals and navigate changing markets.

Janet Brown

President, FundX Investment Group

The Upgrader won the 2017 Star award for the best mutual fund magazine by the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA). 



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