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Shareholder Letter Winter 2016

How to Achieve Your Goals

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Investors tend to be goal-oriented people. But we often set ambitious goals for ourselves without having a clear framework for how we’ll actually accomplish them.

If we seek to grow our retirement accounts, for instance, we might invest in a few stock funds. But what if these funds turn out to be more volatile than we expected? What if the fund manager changes? What happens when markets inevitably change, and the funds fall out of favor? These aren’t far-fetched possibilities; they’re the kinds of decisions we’re all apt to face at some point as long-term investors.

If we really want to work toward our long-term goals, then we’ll need to do more than just buy a few funds. We’ll need a strategy that helps us know which funds to own now and when to move to other funds. We’ll need to think about how to put together a solid portfolio of funds to help us manage risk. And we’ll also need to develop good investing habits, like regularly rebalancing our portfolios so we don’t inadvertently take on more risk than we’d intended.

This issue of The Upgrader can help you get started. You’ll learn strategies for mitigating risk in your stock and bond fund portfolios that can help you stay invested, even through challenging market conditions. And you’ll find common sense moves you can make now that can set you on the right track.

We put these same strategies to work in the Upgrader Funds. We use our Upgrading approach to respond to changing markets, as shown here, and we work to manage risk in each Fund’s portfolio.

Reaching your goals starts with a solid framework. You first need to determine how much money you’ll need and when, and then you need to consider how to get there. We can help walk you through this process. If you want to talk with an advisor about how you can reach your long-term goals, please give us a call.

Janet Brown
President, FundX Investment Group

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